Who are we?

Azure, on a fess between two catfish counternaiant Or a laurel wreath vert, as an augmentation on a canton argent a pale gules overall a dragon passant vert.The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a living history organization dedicated to the re-creation of the culture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Members of the SCA work to create a “current Middle Ages” by researching and re-creating the dress, weaponry, armor, jewelry, food, and life styles of the period. The Barony of Jararvellir is the local group of the SCA based in Madison, Wisconsin. We are a part of the region known in the SCA as the Kingdom of Northshield.

The Barony hosts armoured combat, rapier combat, archery, and thrown weapons, as well as guilds devoted to needle arts, calligraphy and illumination, armour making, dance, fletching, both vocal and instrumental music, brewing and vintning, and many other things. SCA membership is not required to participate in many of these activities. All that’s necessary is your interest.


Calendar Adjustments

  • We do not have use of the Stock Pavilion:
    Sunday, April 22
    Wednesday, April 25
  • We have practice scheduled but may encounter penned animals:
    (no current dates)

Upcoming Events

(Click here for the full Northshield calendar of events.)