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  • Archery

    Time: Wednesday 6:30pm, Sunday 12pm (noon)

    Location: UW Stock Pavilion (For directions and special rules regarding use of the site, see the Meeting Sites page.)

    We have permission by the University Division of Recreational Sports to allow SCA members to join the UW Archery Club practices! The practices are on Fridays and Sundays from 6pm to 8pm at the Stock Pavilion. The club is required by RecSports to keep the use of club equipment exclusive to the student body, so bring your own bows and arrows.

    Contact: Jois Corbet (Deena Patterson), 608-579-1621,

  • Armored Combat

    SCA heavy Fighting is open to Lords and Ladies of our Society and they engage in full speed and full force martial combat. This combat system is one based on the honor of the participants, as it is up to them to recognize and acknowledge which blows are valid. Safety is important – weapons are made of rattan (a type of wood that frays instead of splintering) and protective armor is required to ensure safety of the fighters. Links to information about SCA Armored Combat can be found on the Combat page.

    Time: Wednesday 7pm, Sunday 12pm (noon)

    Location: On Wednesdays: UW Stock Pavilion
    Sundays during summer/good weather: Wingra Park, 800 Knickerbocker St, Madison.
    Sundays in bad weather/over winter: UW Stock Pavilion
    (For directions to these sites and special rules regarding use of the Stock Pavilion, see the Meeting Sites page.)

    Contact: Svein Tunheim (Alec Tunheim), 608-216-4219 no phone calls after 10PM please,

  • Armour Making

    We have almost all the materials, most of the tools, and many patterns needed to make SCA armor. We can teach pretty much anybody enough basic metal and leather working to build basic armor. Anyone with a metal working project is welcome. There is a charge for materials, but you will probably be surprised by how cheap iron and such are. Wear long pants and shoes (not sandals). In the Winter wear warm clothes, as the workshop is not effectively heated.

    Time: Monday 7-10pm

    Location: 3314 Ridgeway Ave., Madison, WI 53704 One block north of E. Washington Ave. via Carpenter St.

    Contact: Magisterfrater Giles Devon(Ed Gilbert), 608-244-2845,

  • Bardic Workshop

    Bardic is dedicated to the craft of singing, story telling, music and other performance arts. Whether you have a new piece you’re working on that you’d like help with or feedback on, or you simply want to listen and/or perform, be welcome to our circle.

    Time: Second Thursday of the month

    Location: Alternates monthly between public and private venues

    Contact: Arwa al-Jinniyya (Jennifer Siegel),

  • Brewing and Vintning

    Purpure, in pale a bar vair and a catfish fesswise inverted Or.Fermented Guild of Jararvellir.

    Time: (varies)

    Location: Call for time and location.

    Contact: Robert the Stout (Robert Trefz), 608-441-6150,

  • Calligraphy and Illumination

    Catfish Scriptorium The guild is for the purpose of studying calligraphy and illumination as it was done in the middle ages. We study the scribal arts from different time periods and countries, using period work to learn from. One does not need to study both calligraphy and illumination to participate and no previous study of “art” is necessary — anyone can do it.

    Time: First and Third Thursdays 7:00 – 9:00pm

    Location: 2310 Packers Ave Suite B. Use the stand alone stairs on the left of the building. Parking on Manley or Melrose street.

    Contact: Dame Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan, OL,

  • Cordials

    Jararvellir Cordial Guild

    Time: No regular meetings.

    Location: Contact for time and location.

    Contact: Lady Cianna (Carrie Wilkey), 608-220-1947,

  • Equestrian

    Dedicated to the development of historical equestrian arts and science, and all around good time with horses.  Ground crew, riders, and horse owners encouraged, you do not need a horse to participate.

    Time: No regular meetings.

    Location: Contact for time and location.

    Contact: Alissende de Montfaucon (Tammy Thompson), 608-212-5433,

  • European Dance

    We do period dances of Italy, France, and England from the 15th and 16th centuries, as well as later dances upon request. The dances range from extremely easy to rather complex. Dances are for couples, trios, and larger groups. One does not need a partner to attend dance practice. No experience necessary, all dances are taught. If you can walk, you can dance.

    Time: 1st & 3rd Sunday 3-5pm, 2nd & 4th Thursday 7-9pm

    Location: Capitol Lakes Retirement Center, 333 W. Main St. Center (Two blocks off the capitol square. Parking on the street is free on Sundays and after 6pm.) The room is the exercise studio that is part of their Aquatic & Wellness Center. (Ask for directions to the exercise studio at the front desk. If they give you directions to the Wellness center, turn around if you’re facing the locked door and go to the first room on the right).There will be a roster waiver set up for everyone to sign when they show up. Please sign in. Please, no street shoes in the room. Either bring a pair of shoes specifically for dancing or plan on dancing in socks or bare feet. There are cubby holes for shoes across from the room.

    Contact: Viscountess Elashava bas Riva (Sue Gilbert), 608.213.1107,

  • Fiber Arts

    The Fiber Arts Guild researches various forms of fiber arts, including but not limited to historical clothing production, embroidery, spinning, weaving, dyeing and knitting. Our new mailing list where you can subscribe for meeting locations and reminders can be found here. We meet almost every Tuesday evening from approximately 7-9 pm. Occasionally we break for holidays or for larger SCA events. We meet in various locations around Madison, mostly in members homes but at least once a month we meet in a coffee shop on State Street. We welcome anyone to our meetings who is interested in crafting with us – at any or no experience levels. We are happy to teach the basics of garb making, embroidery, hand sewing in general, spinning, and weaving. If you have an interest in a particular skill and need help please write before attending and let us know you are coming so we can be prepared to teach you and bring any needed materials and tools. We also will provide simple embroidery kits for new people with advance notice. Most meetings are spent working on individual projects.

    Time: Tuesday 7-9pm

    Location: Join the mailing list or call for location and directions (changes from week to week)

    Contact: Lady Helena Caxton (Sara Andrews), 608-957-2392,

  • Fletching

    Fletching is the art of making arrows. Whether you wish to make a set for yourself, repair broken arrows for the Barony, or just see how it is done, the Fletchers Guild will welcome you. Making a set of arrows for yourself from start to finish will take 3 to 6 days. The steps include shaft preperation and dipping, nocking, tipping, fletching (putting on the feathers) and wrapping.

    Time: Friday 6:30pm

    Location: 6044 East Linden Parkway, McFarland

    Contact: Toussaint de Caluwe (Tyson Patterson), 608-579-1621,

  • Fool’s Guild

    The Jararvellir Fool’s Guild defies description, and that is all that will be said about that. What, you would like a bit more? Very well. In its current incarnation the Fool’s Guild is re-recreating an authentic original replica of a 16th century Commedia D’ell Arte troupe, holding rehearsals, developing our performance skills such as improvisational comedy, juggling, tumbling, and other forms of mischief. At the same time we are researching and learning how to take on familiar characters such as the fabulously unknowledgable Dottore, the unswervingly inept Capitano Fracasse, the insatiably ravenous Giovanna Arlecchina, and the deviously blunt Ursula. Currently the ensemble is rehearsing and producing their first play under the benevolent direction of Lord Rascal i Scampi. As this is an improvisational art form, it requires a great deal of practice. Every Wednesday we spend two hours developing scenes, working on our characters either in mask and costume or in word and wit, and in general doing our best to have a foolish time. Though we are currently producing a play, the art form is improvisational and easily adaptable to new members or other good gentles interested in Period theatre art (or not-so-gentles; this is, after all, the beginning of slapstick).

    Time: No regular meetings.

    Location: UW Stock Pavilion (For directions and special rules regarding use of the site, see the Meeting Sites page.)

    Contact: Sarah The Foole (Sarah Bloy), 608-215-1407,

  • Instrumental Music

    We play instrumental ensemble music composed before 1600. While the most common instrument is recorder, we also welcome guitars, hammered dulcimers, violins, trumpets, trombones, oboes, flutes — any instrument that is closely related to one that existed prior to 1600. If you have no prior instrumental experience, we will be happy to teach you to read music and play the recorder.

    Time: Monday 7pm

    Location: Contact Lord Nikolaus for location

    Contact: Lord Nikolaus, 608-846-0859,

  • Jewelry

    The jewelry guild is for those who want to learn how to make jewelry. You will use non-ferrous metals to construct jewelry and larger decorative items. Everyone is welcome who is interested, at any experience level, beginner, intermediate, to professional. Learn the basics of lapidary, soldering, basic metal forming, sketching jewelry and design, wax carving and casting, and stone setting as well as improving your grasp of intermediate and expert techniques. Emphasis will be on learning historically correct manufacturing processes and techniques but modern methods will also be taught. Children under 18 are welcome as long as their parents attend as well.

    If you have an interest in a particular skill and need help, please contact Gerald to make sure the correct materials and tools are waiting. Most guild meetings will be spent working on individual projects. If Tuesdays are inconvenient, or you would like to schedule a group event, please contact Gerald for scheduling. The shop holds 6 people comfortably, 10 maximum.

    Safety: You will be working in a shop making jewelry. At some point you will get hurt. Small cuts, burns, scrapes and pokes with sharp metal are the most common injury. Natural fiber clothing is suggested and if you have long hair, it should be pulled back. Closed toe footwear will be required. Eye protection will be provided when it is needed.

    Time: Regular meetings are on hold. If you need to schedule time in the shop, contact Gerald.

    Location: The guild will normally meet at the home of Gerald Loosehelm and work will be done in his shop. We may meet at other locations occasionally if we are doing something such as smelting metals or making very large objects.

    Contact: Gerald Loosehelm,

  • Pottery Guild

    More information forthcoming.

    Time: No regular meetings.

    Location: Contact Annora for information.

    Contact: Annora (Wendy Nelson), 608-438-6530,

  • Rapier Combat

    Azure, three bars wavy between a swordfish and a swordfish contourny Or.SCA rapier combat differs from traditional Olympic style fencing in several ways, including the use of a heavier blade and the incorporation of non-linear movements. In addition, secondary weapons (such as daggers, extra swords and cloaks) can be used. Links to additional information about SCA rapier combat rules can be found on the Combat page.

    Time: Wednesday 6:30pm, Sunday 2pm

    Location: UW Stock Pavilion (For directions and special rules regarding use of the site, see the Meeting Sites page.)

    Contact: Tomas Ordones Sandino de Triana (Steve Brown), 608-516-5409,

  • Social Practice

    Social practice is an opportunity for members of the barony to get together and just enjoy each others’ company – we eat, drink, talk, and work on projects. We usually meet at a local restaurant or tavern – check for the location by asking at the Stock Pavilion, as it often changes.

    Time: Wednesday 9pm-ish

    Location: Call to verify

    Contact: Mistress Eithni ingen Talorgan (Jean Hetzel), 608-628-7782

  • Thrown Weapons

    Thrown Weapons practice is your chance to try throwing knives, axes, and spears. We throw axes and knives at wooden targets, and spears at cardboard or foam, at distances from 10 to 30 feet. This is an easy activity to try, and it is open to everyone, kids and adults. There are no costs or membership requirements. Of course, you do need to follow some basic safety rules and pay attention to the Marshal in charge of the practice. We have loaner gear (axes, knives, and spears) for people to use, but we encourage people to get their own equipment if they want to do this regularly. (We have lots of cool catalogs to order from!) Stop on by and give us a try!

    We also have a yahoo group.

    Time: Scheduled Sundays at 2pm (see Calendar)

    Location: UW Stock Pavilion (For directions and special rules regarding use of the site, see the Meeting Sites page.)

    Contact: Toussaint de Caluwe (Tyson Patterson), 608-579-1621,

  • Vocal Music

    The Vocal Music Guild welcomes all voices, with or without previous training or choral experience. We sing a variety of songs from throughout the period and from a number of cultures.

    Time: Tuesday 7:30pm

    Location: Jose’s home. Call for address and directions

    Contact: Jose Sao Pacian (Stephen Rodrigues-Pavao), 608-217-5096,

  • Youth Boffer Combat

    Youth Boffer Combat is an activity where kids age 6-17 can learn how to fight using padded weapons, in the same general style and spirit as Armored Combat for adults – just hitting very lightly and with specially made padded weapons.

    Time: Wednesday 6:30pm

    Location: UW Stock Pavilion (For directions and special rules regarding use of the site, see the Meeting Sites page.)

    Contact: Jack Flanders (David Hall), 608-658-5802,