Baronial Succession Timeline

Deadline for stating your intentions to run for the Baronage is now passed. Letters of intent should include the following:

  • Name
  • Experience in the SCA
  • Why you think you are qualified to be part of the Baronage?
  • Your plans for the Barony.

If we have more than three sets of people interested in the Baronage, we will hold a poll to narrow the choice down to three sets of candidates. This will be completed by August (exact date TBD).

Formal polling (run by Northshield) will be held in September and October. Candidate interviews will be done per Their Majesties schedule.

I expect the new Baronage will be announced in November or December, and the change-over will occur in January.

Baronial Charter

Job Description

The position of Baron and Baroness is the highest honor that the Barony can offer. The position may be occupied by a couple, or by a single individual serving as Baron or Baroness.

Job Duties

The Baronage serve as a focus for Baronial ceremonies and as a Baronial presence at events. They should help to recognize the projects and accomplishments of members of the Barony, through making award recommendations and holding courts. The Baronage are servants of the people of the Barony and should be accessible to the people. They should be active on a local and regional level. The Baronage must adhere to applicable kingdom law and Corpora in carrying out their duties.

Suggested Skills and Experience

The Baronage should lead by example and project a good “medieval model”. They should possess good communication and diplomatic skills, a sense of humor, and the ability to remain objective and/or neutral. The Baronage should be familiar with Kingdom law and Corpora. They should be extroverted and capable of public speaking. They should be willing to take on the extra work involved in serving as Baron and Baroness.

Term of Office (length of each term)

The barony sets forth a term of office of three years. Pursuant to that decision, Baronial policy that a new election/polling process for the Baronage is automatically held every three years. The three-year term may not be extended by a vote of confidence or other means.